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Ableton Live Indianapolis User Group interviews music producer Covex

Covex mesmerizes audiences with his inventive tracks, spectrum of airy tones, and melodic beats. The music producer is based out of Denver and has preformed alongside industry heavyweights like Bonobo, Illenium, Jauz, and Slow Magic. From Covex's original work like "Momentum" to his re-crafting of Ember Island's"Can't Feel My Face", his work has made him an undisputed force in the electronic music scene.

How does Covex hone his skills and keep his sound fresh? Ableton Live Instructor at The Lodge Academy Dan Giffin talked to him to find out. Watch the video below to get an exclusive, in-depth look into Covex's production process and get started making better music.

Check out the song below that Covex breaks down in the webinar video:

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