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Since 1994, we at The Lodge have taken great pride in providing a creative atmosphere for our clients’ music. Our vintage microphone collection, state-of-the-art digital workstations, and pristine acoustics make The Lodge the ideal venue for any recording project.  


The Lodge’s rich history dates back to the building’s creation in 1922, when the Masons constructed Veritas Lodge 608 just east of downtown Indianapolis. Today, The Lodge has been home to both national and local artists for twenty years. Our client roster includes the likes of John Legend, Jack Johnson, Eminem, Weezer, B.o.B., The Goo Goo Dolls, Papa Roach, and many others.   


Give us a call or send us an email when you’re ready for your next recording project. We can accommodate any budget. Come see why so many have chosen to be a part of The Lodge family.

Studio A


Designed by George Augspurger, Studio A offers a sublime recording environment from both a sonic and aesthetic perspective. The studio features a classic 36 input API recording console, AVID Pro Tools HD3, four isolation booths, and a spacious live room. Both the size and ambience of The Lodge’s studio allow for the creation of a truly unique sound.

Studio B


This perfect production studio features AVID Pro Tools HD3, Control 24 digital control surface, full MIDI integration, API, Vintech, and Grace Design microphone preamps. The live tracking room features an updated hardwood floor, a remodeled vocal booth plus two brand new isolation booths that make Studio B a favorite with artists and producers alike.

Studio C


Studio C provides a comfortable space to produce voice-over tracks in-studio or abroad. With our Telos-One phone patch system and a variety of VOIP solutions, you can produce your project from anywhere in the world while your talent is here locally with our recording engineers. The room features an isolation booth suitable for cutting anything from a lead vocal track to a full drum kit. Studio C is a versatile room suitable for both advertising and record producers.



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