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Preparing Your Files


Recording and Mixing


  • We are currently using Pro Tools HD Version 8*. The preferred sample rate is 44.1K or

48K. The preferred bit depth is 24 or 16.


*We can open any sessions from Pro Tools 9 and lower. If you are currently doing your

project in Pro Tools 10 or 11 you will need to perform a 'Save Copy In' and then choose

the option to save as a Pro Tools 8 & 9 session. (Make sure you check the 'All Audio

Files' box!)


If you are not using Pro Tools then all audio tracks (regions/clips) need to be

consolidated (no edits), need to have the same start time (00:00:00), exported as .AIFF or

.WAV, and should be labeled.


We may not be running the same plugins** as the studio you previously recorded at. If

the sound you're getting from a plugin or effect is vital to the song please print the

effected audio to another audio track or playlist and make the proper notes to the

comments box (if bringing a Pro Tools session) or include a .PDF or text document

listing any additional or "effected" tracks to be used.


**This also applies to virtual instrumentals. Please print the audio from any virtual

instruments including any audio coming from programs that are rewired such as Reason.


Including the MIDI information for instruments is important in the event we would need

to do sound replacement.


Be sure to provide information regarding the BPMs (beats per minute) of all songs if

recorded with a click/metronome.


If your project will be transferred over to a Lodge hard drive, please bring all files on a

MAC or PC formatted drive, or a CD or DVD data disc. Flash drives can be used for

smaller files or sessions to be transferred but are NOT recommended for larger sessions.


If we will be running the session from your hard drive it must be in MAC OS Extended

(Journaled) format, 7200rpm, and contain a firewire 400 or 800 port.





Please bring your files in either .WAV or .AIFF format. MP3 can be used but is not

preferred. The files need to be stereo interleaved, 16 or 24 bit, and 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, or

96K for the sample rate.



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