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Sound Integration

Using the latest middleware the gaming audio industry has to offer, we can provide a seemless transition from the sounds you want to implementing them in your game. Whether you simply want sounds to use yourself or you want us to supply sounds with middleware, like FMOD, we can do it. 

We can offer you thousands of sounds to choose from, both from high quality sound libraries to one-of-a-kind Foley and Sound Effects done right here in studio. Pick any space, pick any sound. Our personal touch will get you exactly the sounds you're looking for.

If you need that perfect piece to accompany your game, then let us handle it. With many composers on call we can get you whatever music you need. Big, orchestral piece for a cut scene - you got it. Thrilling chase scene arrangement - absolutely. Whimsical title screen music - no problem. Let us know what you want and we'll deliver.

With decades of Voice-Over experience, we have the technology and the know-how to get that next level voice-over in your game. We can supply the talent depending on your needs. You don't even have to be in studio to be involved in the process. Listen in during a session via phone line and provide feedback from anywhere. 


Game Audio

Come to The Lodge for all your GameSound needs. We can handle your game from start to finish. We can partner with you for FMOD and middleware integration, Foley and sound fx work, providing years of experience in Voice-Over, and composition for music in your game that is truly unique to your game. 

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We were priviledged enough to work with Reactive Studios on their award winning app, Codename Cygnus.  We tracked voiceover with Rob Wiethoff, voice of John Marston of the acclaimed AAA title, Red Dead Redemption.

Critics Choice, Top-5 Game
Best Game Audio, Nomination
Best Sound

Indie Prize Europe

Amsterdam - Feb. 2014

Festival of Indie Games

Boston - Sept. 2013

Indie Prize Europe

Amsterdam - Feb. 2014

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