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Interested in visiting The Lodge Recording Studios?  Let's Talk.​

1. Put new strings on your guitar or bass a day or two prior to the recording session.

Drummers - it is also recommended to use new heads for the session.


2. Guitar and bass players - bring a tuner. Drummers - bring a drum key.


3. Make sure all your equipment (amps, guitars, pedals, cords, drums, etc.) is in proper

working order before the session begins. If you are getting a hum from your amp, squeak

from your bass drum pedal, or your guitar cord has a short in it please get your gear fixed



4. Bring extra batteries for your guitar/bass pedals and active instruments. Bring extra

sets of strings, picks, and drum sticks.


5. Don't forget your guitar and keyboard stands. Also, any power supplies for

keyboards, guitar and bass fx processors.


6. Please get to the studio early (30-45 min for a band, 15-30 min for a vocalist) prior to

your session start time. The clock starts at the time the session was scheduled/booked for

so arriving early will give you time to set up your instruments and warm up your vocals.


7. It is recommended to have your guitar or bass guitar's intonation set up and general

maintenance performed by a professional before entering the studio.

Preparing For The Studio


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