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Jecorey "1200" Collaborates with Indy Symphony Orchestra and The Lodge Academy

On Tuesday, January 3rd 2017, Louisville's hip hop artist Jecorey "1200" teamed up with Ableton Music Producer Instructor -Dan Giffin from The Lodge Academy. The two artists were given 4 hours to write an original song that used sections from Richard Strauss' classical symphony tune Eine Alpensinfonie. The collaboration was put together by the organization Remix The Symphony, a group that brings together urban producers to remix classical orchestral music.

The track will debut at Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's Music of the Earth Festival on Friday, January 20th. You can purchase tickets to Music of the Earth for 50% off with code REMIX50 by clicking HERE.

Listen to the finished audio of the collaboration on Soundcloud below:

See the video below on the remix process, and a brief interview of how Dan Giffin and Jecorey 1200 approach their music and creative workflow.

If you're interested in learning how to professionally produce, perform, and remix music, The Lodge Academy teaches the Ableton Music Producer Program in Indianapolis at The Lodge Studios. Learn more about the 3-month professional producer program by visiting The Lodge Academy page here.

The Lodge Academy also provides private 1-on-1 Ableton Live lessons in a professional studio environment. Learn more by clicking here or contact

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