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The Lodge Studios is now offering: Introduction to Protools


The Lodge Academy's Music Production class is an 8 week course that teaches a detailed overview of the entire music production process and provides students with the essential skills and knowledge to record, mix, and produce music.  Each week the students and the instructor will discuss key concepts, methods and techniques to facilitate and implement music production.

In this course, students will learn about and assume the role of each professional that is essential to the production of music.  These rolls include recording, mixing and mastering engineer, as well as producer.  Classes will consist of detailed explanation of recording/mixing concepts followed be extensive hand on training.

Throughout the 8 week course students will work together to record all the track needed for a song and then each student will individually to create their own project using the track recorded in class.  students will learn how to compose, manipulate and create sounds using MIDI and will use these skill to personalize their projects. Lastly, each student will mix and produce their own version of the song recorded in class, upon which they will receive peer evaluation and a detailed evaluation from the instructor


Because of some take home assignments, students will be required to purchase their own version of Protools 13 and bring their Iloc to the classes


Submit your info below to meet with the class instructor.

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