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Learn from professionals with the seminars here at The Lodge Recording Studios. An engineer will take you through the ins and outs of any of the three classes: Pro Tools, Mastering, or Piano Miking. Ask questions, work out problems, take notes, or just sit back and listen. No set class times. Schedule a class on your time. And take a flash drive of what you've learned in that class. It's yours forever. 


This 2 hour course will explain the basics of recording and mixing in the Pro Tools environment. Focus will be on learning the mix/edit windows including important shortcuts and quick keys, overview of the tools, and the options to customize Pro Tools to fit your particular workflow.

This 2 hour course will explain the importance of mastering your audio. You will learn about the different components of mastering, setting up a mastering session in your DAW, and how to maintain and check your levels throughout the mastering process.

1. Basic Pro Tools

2. Intro To Mastering

3. Piano Miking

The piano you will be recording is the Yamaha C7 grand in Studio A. You will be using a combination of different microphones with microphone placement and techniques in order to achieve a desired sound and to better fit the style of music.

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