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Learn modern professional music production at Indy's world-class recording studio.

The Ableton Live Music Producer Program is perfect for both new and experienced artists wanting professional music production experience, while learning from world-class producers.

We've had many students enroll as an alternative to traditional university music programs!

The course will provide:

  • Hands-on experience using professional analog recording gear and software plugins.

  • Experience with today's MIDI controllers for studio production, performance, and DJing

  • Networking opportunities with other producers and artists

  • Learn mixing techniques to get "that professional sound."

  • Get the chance to perform your own original music live at local venues in Indianapolis upon certification.

  • Certification through The Lodge as an Ableton Live Music Producer


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Course Info:

September 17th - December 10th




Monday & Wednesday's 

6:30pm - 9pm

Total Cost: 


(Ask about monthly payments)

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